I took the CIFRS course with Synergy, It is a very professional company. They make you like the program and understand every single detail. They have well trained instructors that guide you during your program.

I Finished the Course and passed the exam with a score of A+.

This encouraged me to start the CMA course with the same instructors. I benefited a lot from this course as the instructor was very professional.

They make the material very easy by giving good explanations and examples.

I highly recommend SYNERGY for their professional & Friendly Instructors who are ready to help & respond to all inquiries.



Tamer Ayoub

 It has been my pleasure to be taught and well-helped in my CMA journey under the courtesy of Synergy Prof center.

The knowledge aspect of the course was perfect, precise and to-the-point which to me is essential to reach my goals regarding my career especially in the CMA, however, Synergy excels and was magnificently good in the aspect of providing the required environment in classes in which the course has been held.


Meshary Alhenayan

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ، السادة القائمون علي إدارة مركز سينرجي برو المحترمين أودّ ان أتقدم لكم بخالص الشكر والتقدير لكم علي ما بذلتموه معنا خلال فترة الدورة واخص بالشكر السيد / معتز حجاب الذي لم يتأخر في تقديم اي مساعدة لنا وكان يملك كل وسائل الشرح وكان واسع الصدر بشوش الوجه ، وان كان لي من ملاحظة علي الدورة فهي للتطوير للاحسن وملاحظتي تتمثل في ان تكون المحاضرات مسجلة صوت وصورة حتي يستطيع المتلقي ان يسترجع المعلومات متي يشاء . واتمني من الله لكم دوام التوفيق والاستمرار


Wajih Sabr

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimony about Synergy Professionals Co. I have taken the CMA course there and I would like to take this opportunity to point out my experience.

I have always been amazed with the interest and the knowledge that the instructors had. They always had the proper answers for any questions I asked. They have excellent communications skills and they were able to explain the subject in a simple way that made me feel comfortable and confident about the subject. They were more like mentors for me and they helped me in developing my knowledge by sharing their experience and offering help when needed.


Mohamed Nedal

I would like to thank Synergy for attending the FAR Part in the CPA course. It was amazing and Informative precious.


Sherif Hafez

Synergy professionals Co. Thank you is not enough for the team's effort especially Mr.Moataz Hegab, who was so helpful and understanding. This course helped me in improving my job quality, thinks out of the box, and gave me a big push to become a Certified person.

Only one note to be mentioned that i preferred to have an audio/video CD for all the lectures we had to help us while studying. At the end there are no enough words to express my gratitude towards Synergy Professionals Co.


Israa Mohsen

 It is a great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Synergy Pro. I have been a candidate for several professional courses. Synergy has been an absolute professional in many professional certificates with a very high and well education and standards of instructors. Where they demonstrate the character and qualities that you need for preparation and passing the exams. Due to excellence understanding and knowledge of material.



Ahmed Mosabeh