Consulting services

Developing Your Manual of Policies & Procedures

All entities need to have policies and procedures to make sure activities in the entity are conducted as being planned and in accordance with standards.

How we can help

We assist you in organizing your activities by developing a detailed manuals of policies and procedures and mapping it to the entity’s business process to ensure:

  • Effectiveness in providing the objective of each business process
  • Efficiency in operation
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Maintaining an effective internal control

We also assist you in the implementation phase to make sure the developed policies and procedures are in place when implemented to achieve the desired outputs.

Financial & Operational Restructuring of Your Company

Entities are working in environment full of changes. Such changes definitely have impacts on entities’ strategies and operational plans. Entities will need to restructure its operations and business model as well as their capital structure when conditions change. Many entities have dissolved due to the lack of agility to adopt new strategies and plans that fit for the changed environment.

How we can help

Whether the purpose of the restructuring is to improve performance and efficiency or to down size the business, we provide you with our services in:

  • Financial Restructuring

    Help you to have the acceptable level of Debt/ Capital in the light of the risks appetite and legal and economic environment surrounding your business

  • Operational Restructuring

    Help you achieve more productivity and efficiency in operation by focusing on value adding activities and services

Due Diligence Services

Buyers, lenders and sellers involved in mergers or acquisitions must identify the risks and the opportunities associated with the business under consideration. Conducting effective due diligence can help buyers and lenders structure strategic transactions and avoid costly mistakes. It can also help sellers better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their position pursuant to a deal.


In any merger or acquisition, financial due diligence is important not only for negotiation purposes but also to identify future growth opportunities and post-acquisition strategies. Our professionals will expose to possible risks and hidden costs, incorporate a unique blend of investigative, analytic and financial skills, with a focus on the strategic value of the target business that is the subject of the transaction.


Lenders need to assess the collateral supporting the finance as well as analyzing the dilution and other collection problems, contingent liabilities, accounting issues affecting current and future earnings.

How we can help

We will address a range of strategic, financial, and operational issues as part of the due diligence process. We will assess the financial position of the target by reviewing the earnings history, cash flow, and future earnings, quality of its assets and liabilities, working capital, purchase price allocation.

Feasibility Studies

Preparing a plan for any business before start up is crucial to avoid starting unprofitable business. Knowing the risks and returns for any business will provide clear information to decide whether to start a business or not.

How we can help

We help you to plan for your business correctly. By providing you with detailed accurate and reliable marketing, legal and financial studies before a business startup, we provide you with crystal and clear information about the risks and returns of the business to help you to determine whether a new business is feasible or not.

Business Valuation

The value of any business depends on two things: future profits and the risks associated with such profits. Synergy Professional deep expertise in financial modeling and forecasting gives you assurance that the information underlying our business valuation estimates is as accurate and reliable as possible. Our business valuation estimates represent what business owners could reasonably expect the market prices of their businesses to be in a transaction.

Our strength in valuation consulting stems from our wide backgrounds in financial modeling and forecasting, equity analysis and research, M&A transaction negotiation and structuring, and financial accounting and reporting

How we can help

Some of our business valuation services include:

Startup Valuations:

We provide business valuations to assist entrepreneurs negotiate the equity ownership position to sell, and the price of the equity, when raising startup capital.

Merger/Acquisition Valuations:

We provide business valuations to assist entrepreneurs’ structure and negotiate merger and acquisition transactions, including determining optimal debt and equity structures.

Valuation at year end:

for the purpose of Audited financial statements.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation

We are financial consultants who have great experience in helping our clients to guarantee effective and efficient ERP implementation.

We can help you to choose the proper ERP system the fits your business.

How we can help

  • Create project plan
  • Schedule requirements gathering workshops
  • Gather detailed business requirements
  • Initialize and configure production system per blueprint
  • Validate and test business processes
  • Train key users and administrators
  • User validation and system acceptance
  • Monitor and support live environment

Accounting services

Any business owner needs to measure his / her business performance to make sure that the business strategy is achievable the business generates profitable results. In order to do so, a company needs an accounting function that can record, report, and analyze financial information.

How can we help

At only a fraction of a full time accountant cost, we are able to handle all of your accounting needs. Our team can get the work done in a timely manner providing accurate information In accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.

Our services allow you to concentrate on what you do best while leaving specialized support functions to us. Some examples of our outsourcing services include:

  • Financial Statements Preparation
  • Maintaining of cash disbursement, cash receipts and general ledger accounting
  • Cash flow statements
  • Budgets and other financial reports
  • Calculations of taxable NLST, ZAKAT & KFAS.
  • Job cost schedules
  • Ratio analysis
  • Accounting system design and implementation

Business Process Enhancement

Imagine how effective your company could be if you could identify and implement improvement opportunities, such as making the best use of your financial and human capital, following a cost leadership approach, maximizing the value of your investments, technology and strengthening management oversight.

How we can help

Synergy Professional Consulting can help organizations to achieve reliable performance and continuous improvement of their operations by providing controls optimization and business process enhancement services. Whether the goal is to improve productivity and reduce costs, leverage new business models and technology or avert risks within current operations, our experienced professionals can increase the returns of business process enhancement initiatives.

We have the industry experience and business process management skills that enable us to quickly understand your company business processes and identify impediments in effective business performance.

We help enable our clients to improve their business performance by helping them improve their business systems, operational processes, and performance measurement techniques that provide the basis for continuous improvement. We focus on leveraging your existing investments and designing recommendations that meet your longer-term growth and profitability goals.

Corporate Governance Services

The corporate governance is the systems and processes an organization has in place to protect and enhance the interests of its diverse stakeholder groups. Many investors are willing to pay a premium for organizations committed to excellence in corporate governance.

A strong ethical foundation is required to support an appropriate culture of corporate governance. Our professionals assist clients by conducting corporate governance assessments and by providing design and implementation services.

How we can help

We help our clients develop policies and procedures, monitoring structures to support proper corporate governance. We also identify areas where business risks are not being effectively mitigated, implementing solutions to strengthen corporate governance, retain talented employees, executives and directors , reduce the costs of capital and enhance value to stakeholders.

Synergy professionals also assist clients in developing strategic organizational frameworks that can help an organization conduct self-assessments of its existing corporate governance practices.